Florida Home Storage Challenges & Solutions

There’s nearly an endless number of things to love about living in Florida. While the homes are built soundly to protect against hurricanes and they’re perfect for the gorgeous weather with in-ground pools rounding out nearly every home, Florida’s limestone base does not permit Florida homes to have basements. Additionally, many Florida homes do not have functional attics due to high temperatures throughout the year. This lack of storage poses challenges for Florida homeowners, especially during times of crisis where homeowners need to stock up on food, toiletries and other nonperishables.  

If you’re a Florida homeowner and find yourself facing this exact problem, we’ve got a couple of solutions for you and recommendations for how you can optimize your space. 

Garage Cabinet Solutions | Encore Garage SWFL

Garage Cabinetry

Because Florida homes lack basements and attics are not suited for additional storage, a fantastic way to optimize the space you do have is by adding custom cabinetry to your garage. If you’re looking for a company with the expertise to accomplish the task, look no further than Encore Garage. This Southwest Florida based storage-solution company has 15 years of experience turning outside garage space into clean functional storage. They’re the experts in making the best use of the existing footprint, creating storage solutions that best suit your needs. Whether you’re planning to store extra dry goods and cleaning supplies or heavier items like cases of water, their cabinetry line was chosen for its premium quality and specific attributes that can stand up to the heat and humidity Florida brings.

Garage Organizer Solutions | Encore Garage SWFL

Stand Alone Organization Systems

Slatwall Panels and Grids are often the perfect way to create extra storage space when there simply just isn’t enough room for cabinets. Because they come in a wide range of colors and can be cut to fit any space, they can be an extremely helpful addition for homeowners that need to work around other fixtures such as garage refrigerators or water heaters. They can be cut-to-fit and placed accordingly and hold a variety of shelves, baskets and hooks to keep your things accessible, but still highly organized. Metal wall grids are extremely cost effective and highly functional. The grids, which come in a standard 4ft by 2ft size, can be installed individually or in groups. Hooks, baskets and additional accessories are available to help you organize your items and meet your storage needs. 

To make the best use of the new accessible spaces created by Garage Cabinets and Slatwall, overhead storage units can be installed in most garage ceilings and are the ideal place for items that are needed less frequently. They’re the perfect solution for storing bulky items like Christmas trees, holiday decorations, pool toys, even hurricane shutters. Ceiling rack storage will transform your garage floor space into one that is more usable and accommodating.  

Flexible garage storage is a must for Florida homeowners where basement storage is not an option. Contact Encore Garage to get started today.