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Our cabinetry line was chosen for its premium quality and specific attributes that will stand up to the heat and humidity of our region.

Blending rich beauty and style with heavy-duty construction, our garage cabinets provide flexible storage suited for your specific needs. Available in a full range of sizes, configurations and colors, our cabinetry can be customized specifically for your needs. By incorporating various combinations of tall, base and overhead cabinets, sturdy countertop options, even custom rolling work benches, every design is unique. No matter how large or small your space, Encore will work to give you the optimal combination of functionality and aesthetics for your garage.

We have installed cabinets in thousands of garages here in SWFL and stand behind our materials and workmanship. Your Encore cabinets are warrantied for as long as you own your property against delamination, warping, or sagging.

Encore Garage Cabinets
Encore Garage Cabinets
Encore Garage Organizers
Encore Garage Cabinets
Encore Garage Cabinets
Encore Garage Cabinets
Encore Garage Cabinets
Encore Garage Organizers
Encore Garage Cabinets
Encore Garage Cabinets
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Key elements include:

  • Custom-sized cabinets designed for maximum utilization of each space. Our designers work with you to create a plan that works best for your storage needs.
  • Cabinets that come in a wide selection of color finishes to complement the overall décor of your home.
  • Cabinets are made from high-density fiberboard with 1” thick decks and 1” thick shelves for strength.
  • Our assembly process includes 3/4” nailers, glue dowels, and Confirmat screws to create a true “garage-worthy” cabinet box that we install 6” off the floor while still allowing you to load 80-100 lbs. on each shelf and up to 400 lbs. total in a tall cabinet.
  • All cabinets are finished with concealed hinges and we offer a range of hardware selections.
  • All cabinets can be further customized with internal storage accessories such as pull-out shelves, interior slatwall, and rods for hanging
Encore Garage

Cabinets Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Encore Garage Cabinets Made Of?

    Our garage cabinets are made from a commercial grade, high-density fiberboard core and thermally fused melamine laminate surface. The thermally fused surface is applied to the inside and outside surfaces of all cabinet components. This material will not delaminate, peel, bubble or discolor, and cleans up with a soft cloth and household all-surface cleaners.

  • How Are Encore Garage Cabinets Assembled?

    The core box is comprised of a solid back panel, two ¾”sides and two 1” thick decks, connected with Confirmat screws and glue dowels. Across the back we install 2-3 nailers, each 3/4” thick and connect them to the box with pocket screws and glue dowels. This provides the necessary structure for attaching each box to the wall. Our engineering approach allows your garage cabinets to be installed without the need for fixed support shelves, vertical or horizontal, to maximize flexibility of shelf position and overall storage.

  • What Advantages Do Encore Garage Cabinets Offer?

    Unlike many of our competitors, we do not repurpose interior closet systems for garage installations. Building our garage cabinets to a more robust level of construction compared to interior grade versions provides several distinct advantages. First, we can offer larger profiles of up to 48″ wide and 91″ tall – perfect for storing larger, bulkier garage items. Second, we mount our cabinets off the floor, most often without legs which allows for easy cleaning underneath. Finally, our cabinets do not require any fixed interior structural supports allowing greater flexibility and easier access for storing and removing contents. Every cabinet installed by Encore ensures the greatest level of durability and functionality available.

  • How Much are Encore’s Garage Cabinets Compared to Other Options?

    You will find that we are neither the most nor the least expensive option in our market. We use only high-quality materials and take pride in our workmanship; we charge a fair price for our systems and are confident that we deliver a high value for your investment. Plus, your Encore cabinets are warrantied for as long as you own your property against delamination, warping, or sagging. We always design with your budget in mind and our systems are easily expandable so you can add onto your installation at any time.

  • Do Your Cabinets Need Legs or Additional Support?

    Many storage cabinets are built with weaker construction methods requiring additional support – often built on top of a pedestal base or a “toe kick”. This area beneath the cabinets becomes a perfect nesting place for pests, bugs and moisture. Mounting the cabinets ~6” off the floor eliminates this potential home for critters and reduces the likelihood of water damage. When installed on a block or concrete wall, no additional supports are needed. When installed on a stud wall – especially metal studs – we will often use black or stainless-steel legs to provide additional strength.

  • How Long Do Cabinets Take to Install?

    Most installations are completed in one day, though some more complicated installations may extend an additional day. When combined with a floor coating installation, we typically prefer to complete the floor project first, followed by the cabinet and organizers installation the next day.

  • Do You Build the Cabinets Onsite at My Home?

    All our cabinets are built from custom components in our Bonita Springs facility under the watchful eye of Shop Manager Brian Bieberich. The completed boxes and drawers are carefully loaded and transported to your location fully assembled and ready for installation. All of the doors and shelving pieces are packaged separately and installed on site.

Cabinet Samples

  • White


  • Folkstone Gray

    Folkstone Gray

  • Black


  • Maple


  • Chocolate Apple

    Chocolate Apple

  • Silver Frost

    Silver Frost

  • White Chocolate

    White Chocolate

  • Windswept Pewter

    Windswept Pewter

  • Windswept Bronze

    Windswept Bronze

  • Formosa


  • Aliso


  • Alno


  • Red


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