Use & Care

Use & Care

Please follow these simple instructions to maintain the maximum integrity and finish of your newly installed floor and cabinetry.

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Encore Garage Floor Coating System

Before walking on the floor for the first time, please do a simple touch-test in an inconspicuous location. Generally, you can WALK on the floor 8 hours after we finish the topcoat and you can
DRIVE on the surface after 24 hours. Please note that curing times can vary with weather conditions.

Slip & Fall Precautions: While our flake-based flooring system is designed to produce a textured finished product, it is NOT slip proof, especially when wet. Please exercise appropriate caution when walking on your garage floor.

Please note that the type of activity on the flooring surface, maintenance procedures, spills and type of footwear may all be factors to consider when determining the risk of slipping on your garage floor. Encore Garage or its agents will not be responsible for injury incurred in a slip and fall situation. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide for their own safety and to determine the suitability of these coatings for their specific application.

Minor Spills and Drips: Simply wipe up with a soft cloth. Routine “maintenance” cleaning is best achieved with either a soft bristle broom or a commercial dust mop (available at any home improvement store).

Heavy Cleaning: For heavy cleaning of a soiled floor, sweep away loose debris and then mop floor with a mixture of water and clear ammonia. 4-5 ounces of ammonia per gallon of water is usually all that is needed to adequately remove soiling, but a deck brush may help in more soiled areas as needed. If desired, the floor can be hosed off and squeegeed. Floors should not be pressure-washed with a narrow stream or the nozzle close to the floor. For stubborn stains, try Simple Green with a brush and then rinse.

Cleaners: Please do not apply any cleaner that contains acid or bleach. We also recommend you not use soap- based cleaners as these often leave a residue on the floor that not only detracts from the shine, but also becomes increasingly slippery when the floor gets wet.

Use of appropriate cleaning and maintenance procedures, and products are the responsibility of the owner. Encore Garage or its agents will not be responsible for damage or deterioration of the flooring system if such maintenance procedures are not followed or inappropriate products are used on the flooring system.

Encore Garage Cabinetry

Cleaning Cabinets: Clean with a soft cloth and most any popular all-purpose cleaner. Fingerprints and other dirt-stained areas will clean right up.

Hinges/Finish: To prevent rusting and discoloration, we recommend you do not store pool chemicals or fertilizers inside the cabinets.

Weight Capacity: Each shelf is designed to accommodate no more than 80-100 pounds. Additional weight can bow the shelf and affect the frame.

Please do not use cabinets as “ladders” or steps to gain access to out-of-reach items. Encore Garage or its agents will not be responsible for injury incurred during misuse of our cabinetry or organization systems. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide for their own safety using common sense practices.

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