Epoxy Flooring | Benefits & Recommendations from a Pro

Your garage is prone to wear and tear more than any other area in your home. In order to preserve that space for years to come, we, the experts at Encore Garage of Southwest Florida, recommend utilizing our services to install our revolutionary epoxy flooring.

Our system of installation is a multi-layer process that offers long-lasting durability and day-to-day performance. In addition to enhancing the overall appearance of your garage’s concrete floor, our flake floor coatings are durable and installed with ease. Here are four additional key benefits.

We’ve done the research

Over the years, we’ve done our research, tested a wide variety of alternatives to epoxy flooring and ultimately found that nothing beats the core strength of an industrial epoxy base combined with the flexibility of a Polyaspartic topcoat. Other companies promise their customers a one-day installation. While this “in and out” method allows for quick installation, it will not stand up to the tests of time, especially in Southwest Florida.

A two-day installation method with the highest quality products allows each layer to properly bond and cure. Encore Garage of Southwest Florida is able to offer a lifetime warranty on our flooring because of the extra steps we take to do the job right. You can read and view our day one and two steps here.

Epoxy Flooring | Encore Garage SWFL

The finished product will look great for years to come

Our finished product has a non-porous finish with no crevices to trap dirt and grime. With a smooth, easy-to-clean finish, your garage floor will look great for years to come with little maintenance other than regular sweeping and the occasional rinse with a hose.

The flooring is also highly stain-resistant. If you own a vehicle with high-performance tires, these will not have a negative impact on your flooring. Our system is also UV resistant and will not yellow overtime, ideal for garages in Southwest Florida. 

You can read the full list of benefits to finishing your garage with our epoxy flooring here.

We use the highest quality tools to get the job done right

In addition to our trusted process, we use the highest quality tools to make sure the job is done right every time. For example, we use mechanical grinders with diamond tooling to prepare the surface for the epoxy. This is the only way to ensure proper bonding of our system to the concrete. This process is far superior to an acid or solvent “wash” method that is often used by other members of the industry.

You have lots of eye-catching options

At Encore Garage of Southwest Florida, we offer a wide variety of eye-popping flooring options to complete your home. Our extensive range of standard and custom flake blends allows you to select a color combination based on your personal preferences.

As the experts in garage flooring to Southwest Florida for nearly two decades, working with our company promises you the highest quality epoxy flooring for your garage, highly trained technicians that guarantee the integrity of the Encore system and a lifetime warranty against lifting, chipping or peeling on every residential floor we install.

Encore Garage of Southwest Florida has been providing the highest quality garage storage and garage flooring options to the area since 2005. For more information and a free consultation, visit encoregarageswfl.com or contact us by calling (239) 949-5584.